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Name Category Prep Time Cook Time
Alice Springs chicken copycat recipeMeat1035
All-the-meats cheesy flatbread pizza meltSandwiches2540
Almost-torta steak and potatoes sandwichSandwiches1025
Au poivre sandwich sauceSauces and Spreads5
Avocado, jalapeno ranch sauceSauces and Spreads15
Bacon jamMeat530
BBQ sauce braised short ribsMeat15210
Beef and cheddar sandwichesSandwiches1575
Beef on weck sandwichSandwiches2090
Beer battered spicy fish sandwichSandwiches1010
Beer braised short ribsMeat15227
Beer cheese sauceSauces and Spreads510
Billy's Irish PhillySandwiches1025
Black bean spreadVeggies515
Blackened shrimp Caesar salad sandwichSandwiches3020
Blue cheese dressingSauces and Spreads10
Blue cheese slawVeggies
Blueberry biscuitsBreads and Rolls2015
Bojangles buttermilk biscuits (copycat)Breads and Rolls2015
Bounded by Buns chili, cheese, and onion hamdogSandwiches3030
Bounded by Buns focacciaBreads and Rolls1525
Bounded by Buns sandwich bagelsBreads and Rolls2025
Bounded by Buns seasoning blend #1Other5
Bourbon brown sugar collardsVeggies10100
Brat and pimento cheese crunchwrapSandwiches512
Breakfast sauce (McDonald's copycat)Sauces and Spreads5
Brioche bunsBreads and Rolls4020
Brown Butterfinger cookie sandwich with Nutella fillingOther2510
Brown sugar and mustard glazed hamMeat10135
Buffalo chicken Big Mac copycatSandwiches2030
Buffalo chicken cheesesteak sandwichesSandwiches515
Buffalo sauceSauces and Spreads10
Buttermilk biscuitsBreads and Rolls2015
Buttermilk fried chicken and paczki sandwichSandwiches4530
Buttermilk fried chicken tendersMeat1015
Buttermilk fried chicken thighsMeat2015
Buttermilk wafflesOther1520
Caesar dressingSauces and Spreads20
Cajun chicken filet biscuit sandwichSandwiches3030
Cajun french fry seasoning (Bojangles copycat)Other5
Cajun roast pork sandwich with cranberry port wine sauceSandwiches20110
Cajun seasoned french friesOther1015
Cajun spice blendSauces and Spreads5
Calabrian chili mayonnaiseSauces and Spreads5
Caramelized onion sandwich bunsBreads and Rolls2565
Caramelized onionsVeggies1030
Cemita sandwich bunsBreads and Rolls2520
Challah breadBreads and Rolls2535
Cheater grilled cheeseSandwiches510
Cheddar and black pepper sourdough discard crackersOther1025
Cheddar beer cheese spreadSauces and Spreads15
Cheddar cheez crackersOther1025
Cheddar sub sandwich rollsBreads and Rolls3030
Cheese buldak dip (fire chicken with cheese dip)Other1530
Cheese buldak sandwichesSandwiches525
Cheese wafersOther1525
Cheeseburger filled paczki (doughnuts)Other3010
Cherry cola corned beefMeat20240
Chicago-style sub rollsBreads and Rolls3525
Chicken Big Mac copycatSandwiches2025
Chicken fried steak sandwichSandwiches1515
Chicken tinga cemita sandwichesSandwiches1030
Chili crisp and crunchy shallot hot dogSandwiches1010
Chili crisp and green apple brie burgerSandwiches1015
Chili crisp grilled cheeseSandwiches510
Chili crisp ice creamOther1525
Chili crisp popcornVeggies510
ChimichurriSauces and Spreads10
Ciabatta sandwich rollsBreads and Rolls2520
Cilantro garlic sauceSauces and Spreads15
Collards and cornbread sandwichSandwiches510
CornbreadBreads and Rolls523
Cornbread cakesOther1020
Corned beef Reuben sandwichSandwiches20305
Cranberry chipotle mayonnaiseSauces and Spreads5
Cranberry sauceSauces and Spreads515
Crispy buttermilk fried chicken sandwichesSandwiches2020
Crispy chicken nuggetsMeat2515
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco copycatSandwiches1520
Crispy fried onion stringsVeggies510
Crispy fried shallotsVeggies
Crispy pork belly porchettaMeat30210
Crispy pulled pork meltSandwiches20230
Crispy seasoned potato chipsVeggies3530
Crispy, baked chicken parmesan on focacciaSandwiches3040
Crispy, hand cut french friesVeggies510
Cuban bread rolls (Pan Cubano)Breads and Rolls3030
Cuban crunchwrapSandwiches512
Curry chicken salad croissantSandwiches1515
Dad's buttermilk pancakesOther1515
Don't lose your mojo chicken paniniSandwiches1525
Dutch crunch potato rollsBreads and Rolls1520
Eastern North Carolina cheater chopped pork sandwichSandwiches10210
Eastern North Carolina coleslawVeggies15
Eastern North Carolina style barbecue sauceSauces and Spreads510
English muffin breakfast sandwichesSandwiches525
English muffinsBreads and Rolls2530
Falafel pitaSandwiches2510
Fancy bologna sandwichSandwiches515
Fast food fried fish sandwichSandwiches
Flamin' Hot Cheeto crusted buffalo chicken sandwichSandwiches2015
Flour tortilla wrapBreads and Rolls1520
French bread pepperoni pizzasOther515
French depression dogSandwiches1525
French dip sandwichSandwiches2590
French onion soupOther1065
French onion soup au jus meltSandwiches1080
French toastwichSandwiches515
French-style baguettesBreads and Rolls3528
French-style sandwich rollsBreads and Rolls3525
Fried breaded pork tenderloin sandwichSandwiches2015
Fried cheese curd disksOther2015
Fried cheese curd smash burgerSandwiches1515
Fried chicken and doughnut sandwichSandwiches4530
Fried Mashed Potato PattyVeggies
Fried onion ringsVeggies1515
Fried shrimp po'boySandwiches1515
Fried SPAM and pimento cheese sandwichSandwiches2010
General Tso's chickenMeat1530
Goetta, egg and cheese buttermilk biscuit sandwichSandwiches30120
Green curry meatball sub sandwichesSandwiches2030
Green marbled "soda" breadBreads and Rolls2540
Grilled chicken, apple and brie sandwichSandwiches2520
Ground steak sandwich (Mount Airy, North Carolina specialty)Sandwiches2025
Guinness beer cheese spreadSauces and Spreads510
Hawaiian sweet sandwich bunsBreads and Rolls2520
Hoisin barbecue sauceSauces and Spreads525
Hoisin glazed baconMeat525
Hoisin Hawaiian pork rollsSandwiches25250
Homemade corned beefMeat20305
Homemade dijonnaiseSauces and Spreads10
Homemade mayonnaiseSauces and Spreads10
Homemade ranch dressingSauces and Spreads10
Honey mustard sauceSauces and Spreads10
Honey roasted peanut butterSauces and Spreads12
Hot dog bunsBreads and Rolls2025
Hot dog chiliMeat535
Hot dog slawVeggies15
Hot mustardSauces and Spreads105
Italian beef sandwichSandwiches15150
Italian beef toaster pastrySandwiches530
Italian sandwich rollsBreads and Rolls3020
Jalapeno ranch sauceSauces and Spreads15
Japanese milk bread buns (tangzhong method)Breads and Rolls2520
Japanese milk bread loaf (shokupan)Breads and Rolls2530
Jerk chicken sandwichSandwiches1515
Jon's roast pork and greensSandwiches3585
Jonathan's sloppy joesSandwiches535
Kaiser rollsBreads and Rolls3017
Katsu sauceSauces and Spreads5
Kentucky Hot Brown-wichSandwiches20105
Korean spiced sloppy JoesSandwiches1030
Korean-style fire cheesesteakSandwiches1510
Kummelweck rollsBreads and Rolls1520
Light and airy yeast doughnutsBreads and Rolls2515
Loose meat sandwichSandwiches535
MadeGreat loose meat sandwichSandwiches2555
Marble rye sandwich loafBreads and Rolls2035
Meat lovers Slamwich (copycat)Sandwiches1520
Meatball sub sandwichesSandwiches25165
Microwave fried capersVeggies24
Microwave fried shallotsVeggies58
Mississippi pot roast sub with crispy fried onionsSandwiches25495
Mojo marinated roast porkMeat15300
Molasses spiced cookie sandwich with orange creamOther2510
Mom's flank steakSauces and Spreads1525
Mom's pimento cheeseSauces and Spreads20
Mom's tomato soupOther1060
Monte Cristo sandwichSandwiches1010
Muffuletta bread loafBreads and Rolls2030
Muffuletta sandwichSandwiches3530
Mushroom and Swiss Frisco burgerSandwiches1020
Mustard pickled radishesVeggies
Mustardy slawVeggies15
Nacho cheese cheddar biscuitsBreads and Rolls2515
Nashville Hot Fish SandwichSandwiches
Nashville hot pork chop sandwichesSandwiches2025
New York style pizza doughOther1024
No horses in this sauce sauceSauces and Spreads5
NYC chopped cheeseSandwiches510
Old goose sriracha wing sauceSauces and Spreads5
One-pan crispy chicken biscuitSandwiches3025
One-pan steak and tater tot breakfast sandwichSandwiches1020
Oven "fried" crispy chicken tendersMeat1016
Oven baked baconMeat525
Oven baked breaded pork tenderloin sandwichSandwiches1020
Oven baked tonkatsu sandwichSandwiches2020
Oven roasted black pepper turkeyMeat5120
Oven roasted cajun turkeyMeat560
Paczki (Polish doughnuts)Breads and Rolls2010
Patty melt with special ssamjang sauceSandwiches555
Pepperoni cheesy flatbread pizza meltSandwiches2540
Pesto chicken sandwichesSandwiches1020
Pickle sandwich bunsBreads and Rolls2520
Pickled beet and vegetable club sandwich (Parson's copycat)Sandwiches3070
Pickled beetsOther1570
Pickled celeryVeggies1510
Pickled MSG jalapenosVeggies1510
Pickled red onionsVeggies5
Pickled Vidalia onionsVeggies1510
Pimento cheesesteak sandwichSandwiches
Pineapple lime slawVeggies15
Polish Luther burger (Paczki burger)Sandwiches510
Pork belly banh mi sandwichSandwiches20180
Pretzel Bacon Pub burger with beer cheese sauce (copycat)Sandwiches2030
Pretzel sandwich bunsBreads and Rolls3022
Pretzeled crescent dogsOther1020
Prosciutto and pesto sandwich on ciabattaSandwiches20
Puffy flatbreadBreads and Rolls1515
Pullman loaf breadBreads and Rolls2545
R.B.'s sauceSauces and Spreads510
Red wine onion jamVeggies1030
Remoulade SauceSauces and Spreads5
Reuben Cuban sandwichSandwiches
Reuben Cuban sandwich sauceSauces and Spreads
Roast beef and garlic slaw sub sandwichSandwiches3080
Roasted Brussels sproutsVeggies520
Roasted garlic herby cream cheeseSauces and Spreads1050
Roasted garlic mayoSauces and Spreads10
Roasted red peppersVeggies525
Robin's marinaraSauces and Spreads1535
Robin's pizza sauceSauces and Spreads1030
Robin's turkey sloppy joesSandwiches1030
Russian dressingSauces and Spreads5
Salisbury Steak SandwichSandwiches1030
Sausage gravySauces and Spreads20
Savory tomato and onion jamSauces and Spreads525
Semolina hero rollBreads and Rolls3030
Semolina sourdough sandwich loafBreads and Rolls3050
Shrimp roll with red wine onion jamSandwiches2050
Simple pita breadBreads and Rolls1514
Simple soft hamburger bunsBreads and Rolls2520
Simple white sandwich breadBreads and Rolls2535
Sloppy Joe egg rollsSandwiches2545
Smoked bologna breakfast sandwichSandwiches15255
Soft and chewy sourdough sub rollsBreads and Rolls3030
Soft dinner rollsBreads and Rolls2025
Soft potato bread sandwich loafBreads and Rolls2535
Sour Cream and Onion BiscuitsBreads and Rolls2515
Sourdough buttermilk pancakesOther2010
Sourdough sandwich loafBreads and Rolls2535
Southern bird dog sandwichSandwiches1015
Special sandwich sauceSauces and Spreads5
Special ssamjang sauceSauces and Spreads5
Spicy Chipotle SauceSauces and Spreads10
Spicy Grilled ChickenMeat1015
Spicy harissa ketchupSauces and Spreads5
Spicy MSG dilly beansVeggies1510
Spicy MSG picklesVeggies1510
Spicy sandwich sauceSauces and Spreads5
Sriracha glazed meatball subsSandwiches2525
Sriracha glazed meatloafMeat
Steak egg and cheese bagel (McDonald's copycat)Sandwiches1520
Steakhouse steak and egg bagel sandwichSandwiches1525
Strawberry refrigerator jamSauces and Spreads15
Sub sandwich rollsBreads and Rolls3030
Suburban taco sausage nacho cheese biscuit sandwichSandwiches2025
Suburban taco seasoningSauces and Spreads5
Sun-dried tomato spreadSauces and Spreads5
Super savory cheddar cheese biscuitsBreads and Rolls2515
Super soft and crispy parmesan breadsticksBreads and Rolls1530
Super soft potato buns v1Breads and Rolls2520
Super soft potato buns v2Breads and Rolls2520
Suprêmes de volaille aux champignons sandwichSandwiches1030
Sweet and sour sauceSauces and Spreads1020
Sweet sriracha and bourbon braised short rib meltSandwiches35220
Tangy garlic sandwich sauceSauces and Spreads10
Tartar sauceSauces and Spreads10
Tater tot waffleVeggies58
Taylor ham/pork roll egg and cheese sandwichSandwiches515
Texas toastOther515
The BuffulettaSandwiches6045
The Frisco Burger (copycat)Sandwiches510
Tonkatsu sandwichSandwiches3015
Turkey and Brussels sprout meltSandwiches1035
Turkey dressingOther2040
Turkey gravySauces and Spreads15
Tzatziki yogurt sauceSauces and Spreads
Ultra crispy double smash burgerSandwiches1015
Veggie lovers Slamwich (copycat)Sandwiches1520
Walking taco sub sandwichSandwiches1010
Walnut basil pestoSauces and Spreads10
White beans and greens meltSandwiches15125