Recipes from : Meat Section

Alice Springs chicken copycat recipe

Tue Sep 14th 94 Views schedule 45 minutes


An easy recipe meant to replicate the flavors of Alice Springs chicken. Honey mustard marinated grilled chicken with grilled bacon and mushrooms covered in melted cheese? Yes please.

Bacon jam

Thu Mar 25th 496 Views schedule 35 minutes


Bacon jam is fantastic as a burger topping but it\'s even better as a condiment in your next grilled cheese.

BBQ sauce braised short ribs

Tue Apr 6th 174 Views


A sweet sticky sauce braises short ribs until they are tender. Great on a bun and can easily be served as the main dish at your dinner table.

Beer braised short ribs

Fri Apr 9th 168 Views


Juicy tender short rib meat is perfect for a grilled cheese or piled up on a bun with some crunchy slaw.

Buttermilk fried chicken thighs

Mon Mar 1st 3100 Views schedule 35 minutes


A quick and easy recipe to prepare fried chicken for sandwiches. The cayenne gives it some heat. You can omit that if you don't want it spicy or even double ...


Sat Jul 24th 183 Views schedule 32 minutes


Corndogs are great and when you make them at home you have full control of the sausages used. Try a polish sausage, your favorite local hot dog brand or even ...

General Tso's chicken

Thu Aug 26th 200 Views schedule 45 minutes


This is my spicy and sweet, better than take-out version of General Tso's chicken.

Hot dog chili

Wed Jun 23rd 328 Views


No beans in this chili, but it's perfect for topping a hot dog or burger. This type of chili is also superb for chili cheese fries.

Mojo marinated roast pork

Sat Aug 14th 247 Views schedule 5 hours and 15 minutes


Roasted pork that is garlicy and tangy from the citrus based marinade becomes a great addition to a Cuban sandwich or served on a plate with rice.

Oven baked bacon

Tue Mar 23rd 311 Views schedule 30 minutes


Want a super easy way to make a lot of bacon for sandwiches with very little effort or cleanup?

Oven roasted black pepper turkey

Sat Aug 7th 189 Views schedule 1 hour and 5 minutes


Super peppery turkey when cooked to temp is a very flavorful and moist addition to a sandwich. From a turkey, bacon club to a Kentucky Hot Brown (not an urban ...

Oven roasted cajun turkey

Sun Sep 19th 69 Views schedule 1 hour and 5 minutes


A little spicy and super seasoned moist turkey, ready for slicing. Sandwich turkey is at the next level right here.

Spicy Grilled Chicken

Tue Mar 23rd 286 Views schedule 35 minutes


A quick and easy chicken marinade recipe for the grill. It\'s very easy to adjust the level of heat by adding or subtracting the sriracha.

Sriracha glazed meatloaf

Fri Apr 23rd 407 Views


An addictively spicy glaze on this meatloaf will leave you craving more. Add a slice between buns or slices of bread and you've got yourself a winner.