Recipes tagged: sriracha

Bang bang shrimp sandwich

Sun Feb 25th 466 Views schedule 45 minutes


Crispy fried shrimp in a sweet, spicy, and creamy bang bang sauce becomes a very exciting sandwich. I have also shared a recipe for the an oven-baked bang bang ...

Oven "fried" bang bang shrimp sandwich

Mon Feb 26th 5532 Views schedule 40 minutes


This is an alternate version of my regular bang bang shrimp sandwich with a lot less kitchen cleanup but still great crunch on the shrimp. Get the recipe for the ...

Sweet sriracha and bourbon braised short rib melt

Sun Jan 29th 6526 Views schedule 4 hours and 15 minutes


A melty and meaty sandwich with pickled onions that will slice through the richness of the cheese.