Recipes from : Sauces And Spreads Section

Blue cheese dressing

Fri May 21st 170 Views schedule 10 minutes


Thick and tangy with flavors from the sharp and flavorful blue cheese sets us up in a place where this will be great for sandwiches or salads. Add more buttermilk ...

Buffalo sauce

Fri May 21st 299 Views schedule 10 minutes


Making wings? This recipe is for you. Two ingredients and a tiny bit of time on the stove and you\'re ready to go. This is also great to sauce your ...

Caesar dressing

Thu Apr 1st 218 Views schedule 20 minutes


Great for a salad or used as the spread on a sandwich. Caesar dressing is a super garlicy and tangy sauce to dress your sandwich veggies.

Cajun spice blend

Tue Sep 21st 48 Views schedule 5 minutes


A quick seasoning blend for Cajun flavors.

Cheddar Beer Cheese Spread

Fri Mar 12th 222 Views schedule 15 minutes


Cheese spreads aren\'t only for crackers. Spread on any sandwich for a burst of extra cheesy flavor.


Mon Aug 2nd 263 Views schedule 10 minutes


Great on steak or any meat that is roasted or grilled. Robin says the mint makes this chimichurri feel fresh and spicy, punching up all the flavors.

Homemade mayonnaise

Mon Mar 22nd 180 Views schedule 10 minutes


Everyone needs a basic mayonnaise recipe. If you have an immersion blender, this takes only a couple minutes to make. Without the blender, you\'ll be whisking for a bit, but ...

Homemade ranch dressing

Mon Mar 22nd 331 Views schedule 10 minutes


The valley isn't so hidden, when you know the secret recipe. This recipe allows you to vary the consistency of the final product.

Honey mustard sauce

Sat Sep 11th 32 Views schedule 10 minutes


Add a fantastic pop of flavor to a sandwich or make this sauce as a dip for your next chicken tender night.

Honey roasted peanut butter

Sun May 9th 242 Views


Smooth, sweet and salty peanuts are great on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or the topping on a burger. Or you can just buy some crackers and go to ...

Mom's pimento cheese

Sat Feb 27th 754 Views schedule 20 minutes


An awesome addition to a sausage biscuit sandwich. This is my Mom's recipe. Growing up, I enjoyed a lot of pimento cheese sandwiches, with just the spread and sliced bread. ...

Old goose sriracha wing sauce

Tue Jun 15th 305 Views schedule 5 minutes


This is a recipe that an unnamed chef came up with at the Goose Island Clybourn brewpub years and years ago. Chef Andrew Hroza shared it in a video that\'s ...

Roasted garlic herby cream cheese

Mon Jul 26th 130 Views schedule 1 hour


Creamy with herby freshness and sweet roasted garlic, this spread is great on bagels or toast. You can even enjoy this on crackers as a snack.

Roasted garlic mayo

Fri Mar 12th 343 Views schedule 5 minutes

You like sandwiches. Sandwiches like you. You need this roasted garlic mayo to enhance your love with sandwiches.

Sausage gravy

Mon May 31st 199 Views


Everyone should know how to make sausage gravy. You never know when there will be a gravy emergency and you will have to step up and save the world. You ...

Special sandwich sauce

Tue May 4th 420 Views schedule 5 minutes


Great substitute for mayonnaise but way more flavorful. Perfect on a burger or even as dipping sauce for fries and onion rings.

Spicy Chipotle Sauce

Fri Mar 12th 266 Views schedule 10 minutes


Similar to the sauce they have at Taco Bell, this is a flavor explosion that can be added to pretty much any sandwich.

Strawberry refrigerator jam

Tue May 11th 228 Views


You don't need any pectin or canning experience to make this easy strawberry jam. Just three ingredients and a few minutes on the stove and you've got a great spread ...

Suburban taco seasoning

Wed Apr 28th 492 Views schedule 5 minutes


Much like the taco seasoning you buy in packets at the store, this is a pantry staple and it adds a little bit of spice and flavor to tacos or ...

Sun dried tomato spread

Tue Jul 27th 101 Views schedule 5 minutes


This spread is great on a sandwich with cheese and meat. A bagel sandwiched with cream cheese on one side and sun dried tomato spread on the other is fantastic.

Tartar sauce

Sat Apr 17th 181 Views schedule 10 minutes


Citrus and pickle juice provide a nice zing to this creamy sauce. Great on almost any seafood based sandwich.

Walnut basil pesto

Wed Jul 14th 118 Views schedule 10 minutes


Pesto is a great option for a fresh spread or sauce for your next sandwich. The key is adding the oil slowly to help create the proper emulsified consistency.