Recipes tagged: mayonnaise

Bacon-infused homemade mayonnaise

Sat Apr 13th 15 Views schedule 10 minutes


This is a basic homemade mayonnaise recipe with a punch of bacon flavor and texture. Make some during tomato season for an extra special BLT.

Calabrian chili mayonnaise

Sun Dec 4th 2522 Views schedule 5 minutes


A slightly spicy mayonnaise that will up the ante on your next sandwich.

Cranberry chipotle mayonnaise

Sat Nov 19th 2069 Views schedule 5 minutes


A little bit sweet, a little bit smoky and a lot bit savory spread for your next sandwich. Works great on a turkey or chicken sandwich, or practically any cold ...

Homemade dijonnaise

Wed Jul 6th 2506 Views schedule 10 minutes


A lot bit creamy and a little bit mustardy. This combination is almost perfect for your next cold-cut sandwich or jam-packed, meat-filled sub.

Homemade mayonnaise

Mon Mar 22nd 1827 Views schedule 10 minutes


Everyone needs a basic mayonnaise recipe. If you have an immersion blender, this takes only a couple minutes to make. Without the blender, you'll be whisking for a bit, but ...

Quick Dijonnaise

Thu Feb 1st 130 Views


Just two ingredients mixed make for a simple and tasty sandwich spread or French fry dip.