Recipes tagged: mushrooms

Cincinnati-style steak hoagie with mushroom gravy

Fri Sep 22nd 2235 Views schedule 1 hour


This Cincinnati favorite combines a ground steak patty with a tasty mushroom sauce and melty mozzarella to form a super savory sandwich.

Maxwell Street zapiekanka

Mon Sep 18th 5591 Views schedule 35 minutes


This is a Polish zapiekanka combined with Chicago's Maxwell Street Polish sandwich which creates a crunchy, cheesy, savory sausage experience in an open-faced sandwich.

Portabella chicken cheese steak

Mon May 20th 2739 Views schedule 40 minutes


This comforting chicken cheese steak is packed with griddled portabella mushrooms, onions, and tender sweet bell peppers all topped with melty cheese.

Steakhouse steak and egg bagel sandwich

Sat Apr 15th 1385 Views schedule 2 hours and 40 minutes


Here's a steak au poivre bagel sandwich with spinach and mushrooms to complete the steakhouse experience.

Suprêmes de volaille aux champignons sandwich

Mon Apr 3rd 7832 Views schedule 40 minutes


This is an original Julia Child recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking that I have altered with a French-style bread roll to turn it into a sandwich. Make ...

Veggie lovers Slamwich (copycat)

Sun Sep 18th 1652 Views schedule 35 minutes


This is a veggie-focused omelet in a butter-toasted sandwich format. Maple syrup and buttery sweetness on the outside of the bread lends a balance to the super savory egg, red ...


Sun Sep 17th 841 Views schedule 25 minutes


Zapiekanka is an open-faced sandwich popularized in Poland in the 1970s. These are savory, cooked mushrooms, onions, and melty cheese on top of a slice of French bread, baked to ...