Recipes tagged: tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes

Sun Jul 30th 989 Views schedule 30 minutes


These crispy, and tangy fried green tomatoes work great on a sandwich or even as a side dish with dipping sauce. This recipe is written for just one tomato, but ...

Grilled eggplant veggie sub

Mon Aug 7th 6156 Views schedule 1 hour and 32 minutes


A flavorful sandwich focused on the textures and tastes of several different vegetables. Creamy mozzarella pairs well with marinated and grilled eggplant, salted tomato slices and dressed crunchy lettuce to ...

Kentucky Hot Brown-wich

Mon Aug 15th 7699 Views schedule 2 hours and 5 minutes


A riff on the Kentucky hot brown open-faced sandwich. Except we close the face on this version and tuck it into a soft brioche bun.

The Big Lou pizza sandwich

Mon Mar 25th 5664 Views schedule 1 hour


This savory and crunchy sandwich brings the flavors of pizza into a panini experience. Roasted Roma tomatoes and sauteed garlicky spinach, onion, and mushroom mix along with a mix of ...