Recipes tagged: barbecue

Barbecue chicken and slaw Handwich

Mon Jul 3rd 8394 Views schedule 50 minutes


Based on a sandwich concept from Disney World, this is the sandwich of the future. It's barbecue sauced chicken and slaw inside of a cone of dough that you can ...

California Pizza Hut Kitchen BBQ chicken melt

Mon Jan 8th 6327 Views schedule 2 hours and 20 minutes


This is a BBQ chicken-focused cheesy flatbread melt topped with a savory Parmesan topping. This is an attempt at a copycat version of a Pizza Hut pizza melt inspired by ...

Hoisin barbecue sauce

Sun Jun 12th 2228 Views schedule 30 minutes


This is a sweet and savory sauce that's perfect for a burger or a pulled pork sandwich.

Japanese-style barbecue sauce

Sat Aug 26th 869 Views schedule 5 minutes


A sweet and savory barbecue sauce that leans heavily into teriyaki sauce.

Pulled pork and sweet onion sandwich with Japanese-style barbecue sauce

Mon Aug 28th 5477 Views schedule 4 hours and 50 minutes


This pulled pork and onion combination packs a lot of flavors and excitement into a fantastic sandwich.

Sweet and tangy barbecue sauce

Sat Jul 1st 947 Views schedule 20 minutes


This tangy and sweet sauce will be great for your next barbecue adventure.

The McPorkBelly

Mon Jan 1st 4985 Views schedule 1 hour and 20 minutes


Tender pork belly slices slathered in a homemade barbecue sauce pair very well with dill pickles and thinly sliced sweet onion in this slightly messy but super flavorful sandwich.