Recipes tagged: buns


Bacon-infused burger buns

Six bacon-infused, soft buns for your next sandwich or burger night.


Brioche buns

These are fantastic, buttery buns that work great for burgers or sandwiches. They are rich from the enriched dough, but still very soft in the middle.


Caramelized onion sandwich buns

These are very flavorful buns perfect for your next burger night. The addition of caramelized onions brings a bit of sweetness that will balance well with savory sandwich combinations.


Cemita sandwich buns

Need a great roll for sandwiching? This sesame seed coated cemita sandwich roll will do the trick. Perfect for Mexican inspired cemitas or even your next hot and toasty ham ...


Dutch crunch potato rolls

Great crunch and a soft interior on rolls with a sweet and flavorful crust make for very good sandwiching. Dutch crunch is also known as Tiger Bread in some parts ...


Hawaiian sweet sandwich buns

A sweet sandwich bun with just a hint of pineapple flavor. This is a great choice for almost any sandwich.


Hoisin Hawaiian pork rolls

A sweet and savory stuffed bun that's packed full of porky goodness.


Honey wheat sandwich buns

This bun introduces extra honey sweetness to a soft, but still chewy wheat bun. Squishy and flavorful, it's perfect for your next grilled chicken sandwich.


Hot pink burger buns

Were you looking for a hot pink colored burger bun? If you were, then you've found it. This recipe uses beet juice to turn a regular soft burger bun into ...


Japanese milk bread buns (tangzhong method)

This is not really a beginner recipe. You MUST own a kitchen scale to try this one. But the presence of a tangzhong means your buns will be softer and ...


Multi-seeded sandwich buns

The addition of various seeds and rolled oats adds a great deal of texture and excitement to this sandwich roll.


Pickle sandwich buns

A subtle pickle flavor changes plain burger buns into something a bit more exciting. These buns pair well with a burger or your favorite spicy sandwich.


Pretzel sandwich buns

These rolls have a chewy exterior with a soft, pillowy interior and they make for a great sandwich roll. Top with pretzel salt or something like everything bagel seasoning for ...


Simple soft hamburger buns

With only six ingredients, this is the most simple, soft bun recipe I could create. Perfect for your next burger night or grilled chicken sandwich.


Super soft potato buns v1

Need six super soft perfectly sized burger buns? The kind of bun that is slightly smaller than your burger patty so that you get a solid burger to bun ratio? ...


Super soft potato buns v2

Here's my updated, soft and squishy bun recipe that's perfect for your next burger night. This updated version that uses potato flour and dry milk powder for a lighter bun ...