Recipes tagged: spread

Bacon jam

Thu Mar 25th 727 Views schedule 35 minutes


Bacon jam is fantastic as a burger topping but it's even better as a condiment in your next grilled cheese.

Black bean spread

Sun Apr 25th 368 Views schedule 20 minutes


Fantastic with chips or spread on a sandwich, this black bean spread is something I sometimes make for taco night to stand in for refried beans as well. Spread on ...

Blue cheese dressing

Fri May 21st 327 Views schedule 10 minutes


Thick and tangy with flavors from the sharp and flavorful blue cheese sets us up in a place where this will be great for sandwiches or salads. Add more buttermilk ...

Cheddar beer cheese spread

Fri Mar 12th 345 Views schedule 15 minutes


Cheese spreads aren't only for crackers. Spread on any sandwich for a burst of extra cheesy flavor.

Homemade ranch dressing

Mon Mar 22nd 479 Views schedule 10 minutes


The valley isn't so hidden, when you know the secret recipe. This recipe allows you to vary the consistency of the final product.

Honey roasted peanut butter

Sun May 9th 387 Views schedule 12 minutes


Smooth, sweet and salty peanuts are great on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or the topping on a burger. Or you can just buy some crackers and go to ...

Jalapeno ranch sauce

Fri Jan 14th 28 Views schedule 15 minutes


Remoulade Sauce

Sat Oct 23rd 221 Views schedule 5 minutes


Roasted garlic herby cream cheese

Mon Jul 26th 272 Views schedule 1 hour


Creamy with herby freshness and sweet roasted garlic, this spread is great on bagels or toast. You can even enjoy this on crackers as a snack.

Savory tomato and onion jam

Fri Jan 14th 430 Views schedule 30 minutes


A savory spread that can give you a great alternative on sandwiches when tomatoes aren't in season.

Sun-dried tomato spread

Tue Jul 27th 330 Views schedule 5 minutes


This spread is great on a sandwich with cheese and meat. A bagel sandwiched with cream cheese on one side and sun-dried tomato spread on the other is fantastic.