Recipes tagged: apple

Apple butter

Sat Sep 9th 535 Views schedule 7 hours and 20 minutes


This recipe for apple butter is from Chef Paul Fehribach's cookbook Midwestern Food. In this book, you can find many more recipes and a lot of history of Midwestern food ...

Fried SPAM and pimento cheese sandwich

Sun Oct 16th 6535 Views schedule 30 minutes


Savory and crispy slices of SPAM pair perfectly in a sandwich with creamy pimento cheese and crispy, crunchy, tart apple.

Grilled chicken, apple and brie sandwich

Sun Feb 5th 2227 Views schedule 45 minutes


A fantastic, grilled chicken sandwich with creamy brie cheese that is balanced by sharp, crisp bites of apple.

Pork bellies and pickled cherries sandwich

Mon Jul 24th 6064 Views schedule 4 hours


Pairing tender pork belly with tart pickled cherries and a crunchy apple and fennel slaw will lead you to a fantastic sandwich experience. Use a Dutch crunch sandwich roll for ...