Recipes tagged: pork

Fried breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

Sun Jun 13th 220 Views


This is more of a traditional breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, fried and crispy.

Mojo marinated roast pork

Sat Aug 14th 343 Views schedule 5 hours and 15 minutes


Roasted pork that is garlicy and tangy from the citrus based marinade becomes a great addition to a Cuban sandwich or served on a plate with rice.

Oven baked breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

Sun Jun 13th 286 Views


This oven baked version is an easier and simpler way of cooking a breaded pork tenderloin for sandwiching.

Taylor ham/pork roll egg and cheese sandwich

Mon Nov 8th 1919 Views schedule 20 minutes


If you can get your hands on Taylor ham or pork roll from New Jersey, you need to know how to make this sandwich. In theory, it's a breakfast sandwich ...