Recipes tagged: shrimp

Blackened shrimp Caesar salad sandwich

Mon Mar 20th 4300 Views schedule 50 minutes


This shrimp sandwich is a super flavor and textural sandwich experience.

Fried shrimp po'boy

Sun Oct 24th 7130 Views schedule 30 minutes


The best fried shrimp sandwich you'll have today! 100% money back guaranteed. Tasty fried shrimp with crisp vegetables, tangy, creamy sauce all in a soft but still slightly crunchy roll ...

Shrimp roll with red wine onion jam

Mon May 1st 2399 Views schedule 1 hour and 10 minutes


Here's a great seafood roll option with creamy and tangy dressing topped with tart and sweet onions. This sandwich is served cold, so you can make all the components up ...