Recipes from : Breads And Rolls Section

Blueberry biscuits

Sun Feb 28th 2748 Views schedule 35 minutes


This is an attempt at a copycat recipe for Bojangle's Bo-berry biscuit. If you like sweet and savory combinations in your food, you might enjoy this with a fried pork ...

Cheddar sub sandwich rolls

Tue Jun 29th 137 Views schedule 3 hours


Ever thought about putting more cheese in your sandwiches? Boy, have I got the sub recipe for you.

Cuban bread rolls (Pan Cubano)

Sun Aug 15th 169 Views schedule 3 hours


Making Cuban sandwiches? First you're going to need to find some lard. Then you'll need to make these soft, semi-crusty rolls that eventually you'll smash between two hot surfaces. Oh, ...

Dutch crunch potato buns

Mon May 3rd 202 Views


Great crunch and a soft interior on rolls with a sweet and flavorful crust make for very good sandwiching. This recipe requires three ingredients that you might not have, but ...

Flour tortilla wrap

Sat Apr 3rd 227 Views schedule 1 hour and 35 minutes


Tortillas aren't just for burritos. Get wrappin!

Puffy flatbread

Wed Sep 29th 63 Views schedule 1 hour and 30 minutes


Soft and puffy flatbread can be used for Sandwich Tacos (thanks Taco Bell) or it can be as a substitute for naan or pita. Put some tomato sauce and melt ...

Sour Cream and Onion Biscuits

Thu Mar 11th 252 Views


A little bit of green onion changes a plain biscuit into something a little more fancy.

Sub sandwich rolls

Tue Apr 20th 441 Views schedule 3 hours


This is sort of a French style sandwich roll. Not too crusty but with a good chew for a sub sandwich or po-boy.

Super savory cheddar cheese biscuits

Tue Mar 9th 558 Views schedule 40 minutes


These savory biscuits are great on their own and even better with chicken or pork for a breakfast sandwich.

Super soft potato buns

Fri Aug 13th 332 Views schedule 2 hours and 45 minutes


Need six super soft perfectly sized burger buns? The kind of bun that is slightly smaller than your burger patty so that you get a solid burger to bun ratio? ...