Recipes tagged: gravy

Creamy onion gravy

Sun May 5th 220 Views schedule 20 minutes


A creamy savory gravy created with a big, sweet Vidalia onion flavor. If you opt to use vegetable stock, this gravy can be vegetarian friendly.

Roast beef, gravy, and giardiniera cheese sub sandwich

Fri Feb 2nd 4967 Views schedule 9 hours and 15 minutes


Gravy and roast beef make for the bulk of this sandwich but a spicy pickled veggie addition to the cheese helps to cut the fat and contrast the rich flavors. ...

Sausage gravy

Mon May 31st 2394 Views schedule 20 minutes


Everyone should know how to make sausage gravy. You never know when there will be a gravy emergency and you will have to step up and save the world. You ...

Turkey dressing

Sun Nov 21st 2173 Views schedule 1 hour


Dressing or Stuffing? The way I think it works is that dressing is typically more compact in a pan than stuffing is. I grew up with dressing that was moist, ...

Turkey gravy

Sun Nov 21st 1885 Views schedule 15 minutes


Gravy is a science, but not difficult science like college science. It's easy science, like middle school science. In most cases, gravy is an equal amount of fat and flour ...

Ultimate fried pork chop biscuit sandwich

Mon May 6th 2092 Views schedule 1 hour and 15 minutes


A crispy fried pork chop and creamy onion gravy pair well with a bright lemon and pepper-flavored buttermilk biscuit to create this comforting sandwich experience.