Recipes tagged: spices

Bounded by Buns seasoning blend #1

Sun Mar 20th 1519 Views schedule 5 minutes


A great seasoning blend for your next batch of french fries or chips. Tip: sprinkle on when things are hot and the flavor will adhere much better.

Cajun french fry seasoning (Bojangles copycat)

Mon Sep 26th 26192 Views schedule 5 minutes


Not just for French fries, this seasoning mix is perfect for any type of potato. Add this seasoning to your fried chicken dredge or even sprinkle it on your next ...

Cajun spice blend

Tue Sep 21st 2029 Views schedule 5 minutes


A quick seasoning blend for Cajun flavors.

Suburban taco seasoning

Wed Apr 28th 2321 Views schedule 5 minutes


Much like the taco seasoning you buy in packets at the store, this is a pantry staple and it adds a little bit of spice and flavor to tacos or ...