pork sandwich recipes from Bounded by Buns

Pork bellies and pickled cherries sandwich

French onion tart sandwich with prosciutto, melon, and arugula

Mallorca de jamón y queso

Pepperoni cheesy flatbread pizza melt

English muffin breakfast sandwiches

Green curry meatball sub sandwiches

The Snappy Lunch pork chop sandwich

Croque Monsieur

Crispy chicken cordon bleu sandwich

Cuban crunchwrap

Monte Cristo sandwich

The McPorkBelly

Smoked bologna breakfast sandwich

Nashville hot pork chop sandwiches

Choriqueso pizza sandwich

Croque Madame

Jon's roast pork and greens

Pistachio pesto and mortadella sandwich

Cajun roast pork sandwich with cranberry port wine sauce

Fancy bologna sandwich

Prosciutto and pesto sandwich on ciabatta

Fried SPAM and pimento cheese sandwich

Oven baked tonkatsu sandwich

Crispy pulled pork melt

Pulled pork and sweet onion sandwich with Japanese-style barbecue sauce

Ultimate fried pork chop biscuit sandwich

Sriracha glazed meatball subs

French toastwich

Muffuletta sandwich

Meat lovers Slamwich (copycat)

Fried breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

Grilled brat and pimento cheese Handwich

Montadito de pringá

Prosciutto and cantaloupe sandwich on focaccia

Taylor ham/pork roll egg and cheese sandwich

Oven baked breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

Creamy mustard pork chop sandwich

Pork belly banh mi sandwich

Eastern North Carolina cheater chopped pork sandwich

Tonkatsu sandwich

Suburban taco sausage nacho cheese biscuit sandwich

Hoisin Hawaiian pork rolls

Goetta, egg and cheese buttermilk biscuit sandwich

Sweet and spicy stir-fry pork sandwich