cheese sandwich recipes from Bounded by Buns

Pepperoni cheesy flatbread pizza melt

All-the-meats cheesy flatbread pizza melt

Crispy pulled pork melt

Crispy breakfast puff

Spinach and artichoke dip chicken sandwich

Kentucky Hot Brown-wich

California Pizza Hut Kitchen BBQ chicken melt

Buffalo chicken dip melt

Choriqueso pizza sandwich

White beans and greens melt

Portabella chicken cheese steak

Turkey and Brussels sprout melt

French onion soup au jus melt

Creamy mustard pork chop sandwich

Grilled chicken, apple and brie sandwich

Crispy chicken cordon bleu sandwich

Cheater grilled cheese

Sweet sriracha and bourbon braised short rib melt

Korean-style fire cheesesteak

Sriracha glazed meatloaf sandwich

Mother of Baconator

Pistachio pesto and mortadella sandwich

The Big Lou pizza sandwich

Chili crisp grilled cheese