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Japanese-style barbecue sauce

Sat Aug 26th 564 Views schedule 5 minutes


A sweet and savory barbecue sauce that leans heavily into teriyaki sauce.

Turkey, brie, and blueberry croissant sandwich

Mon Aug 21st 5127 Views schedule 40 minutes


This turkey, brie, and blueberry croissant sandwich has all the savory and sweet flavors balanced by slices of creamy brie and a slightly tangy dressing.

Sandwich croissants

Sun Aug 20th 698 Views schedule 4 hours and 20 minutes


Crispy and buttery sandwich-sized croissants. These delicate rolls are rich from all the butter and love that have been baked inside and are perfect for a chicken salad sandwich or ...

Blueberry chutney

Sat Aug 19th 667 Views schedule 25 minutes


A sweet and savory blueberry spread that works great in a turkey sandwich or alongside meat and cheese on a charcuterie board.

Mallorca de jamón y queso

Mon Aug 14th 5994 Views schedule 15 minutes


Want a stellar ham and cheese sandwich? This one hits all the high notes: savory, sweet, melty, and toasted. For this recipe, you will first need buns. Here is the ...

Monchi chicken burger (McDonald's copycat)

Sun Aug 13th 803 Views schedule 1 hour and 27 minutes


The Monchi burger is a savory fried chicken patty sandwiched between a sweet mallorca bun. The Monchi burger/sandwich is based on a McDonald's menu offering from Puerto Rico. See the ...

Grilled eggplant veggie sub

Mon Aug 7th 5592 Views schedule 1 hour and 32 minutes


A flavorful sandwich focused on the textures and tastes of several different vegetables. Creamy mozzarella pairs well with marinated and grilled eggplant, salted tomato slices and dressed crunchy lettuce to ...

Alabama white chicken and fried green tomato sandwich

Mon Jul 31st 5956 Views schedule 2 hours and 50 minutes


This sandwich combines a creamy and tangy, tender piece of chicken with a crunchy, tart fried green tomato slice into a sandwich that dreams are made of.

Fried green tomatoes

Sun Jul 30th 633 Views schedule 30 minutes


These crispy, and tangy fried green tomatoes work great on a sandwich or even as a side dish with dipping sauce. This recipe is written for just one tomato, but ...

Pork bellies and pickled cherries sandwich

Mon Jul 24th 6063 Views schedule 4 hours


Pairing tender pork belly with tart pickled cherries and a crunchy apple and fennel slaw will lead you to a fantastic sandwich experience. Use a Dutch crunch sandwich roll for ...

Pickled cherries

Sun Jul 23rd 671 Views schedule 40 minutes


These tart and sweet pickled cherries are softened and perfect for pork or turkey sandwiches. They also work well in a bowl on the side of a charcuterie board to ...

Hot pink cheeseburgers (the Barbie burger)

Fri Jul 21st 10685 Views schedule 3 hours and 15 minutes


Here's a burger that Ken would make for Barbie. Or maybe Barbie would cook these for Ken? I'm not sure if Skipper is old enough to cook yet, but either ...

Hot pink burger buns

Thu Jul 20th 3453 Views schedule 2 hours and 45 minutes


Were you looking for a hot pink colored burger bun? If you were, then you've found it. This recipe uses beet juice to turn a regular soft burger bun into ...

Pumpernickel sandwich loaf

Sun Jul 16th 1703 Views schedule 3 hours


Need some thinly sliced pumpernickel for open-faced or tea sandwiches? This is the perfect recipe for that. See the notes below for details about black cocoa.

Spicy pimento cheese spread

Sat Jul 15th 656 Views schedule 20 minutes


A slightly spicier version of my mom's pimento cheese recipe. This cheese spread is great on a burger or you can spread it between white bread for a flavorful sandwich. ...

Chicken tikka masala sub sandwich

Mon Jul 10th 7100 Views schedule 43 minutes


Here's a recipe for chicken tikka masala in sandwich form. It's a comforting hug in a six-inch sandwich format with savory chicken in a warm spiced, creamy tomato sauce.