Welcome to a compilation of biscuit recipes and biscuit-focused content on Bounded by Buns. I’ve organized the biscuit recipes into three categories. I also have a section below for tools that I use to make biscuits. At the very bottom of the page, I share some tips and tricks for biscuit-making.

Biscuit recipe sections

Traditional Southern-style biscuits

This first Buttermilk biscuit recipe is the main biscuit recipe that I use. It works well because you only need 3 ingredients, self-rising flour, a frozen stick of butter, and buttermilk.

A bunch of the biscuit recipes on this page are based on this 3 ingredient formula.

You don’t have self-rising flour?
1 cup of self-rising flour
1 cup all-purpose flour
+ 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
+ 1/4 teaspoon salt

35 minutes
Buttermilk biscuits

Adapted from Southern Living's best buttermilk biscuits recipe. This is a super easy biscuit recipe, requiring only three ingredients plus a pinch of love.

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The recipe for these Bojangle-style biscuits was created when I was creating a copycat version of Bojangle’s cajun filet biscuit sandwich. They require shortening, sugar, and baking soda as well as the main three ingredients above.

2 hours and 35 minutes
Bojangles buttermilk biscuits (copycat)

Buttermilk biscuits that use vegetable shortening instead of butter. These are meant to be as similar as possible to Bojangles biscuits.

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This is one of my mom’s recipes that I converted to grams. Angel biscuits are a southern thing and they use yeast for additional leavening.

27 minutes
Mom's angel biscuits

These small, slightly sweet biscuits are great for tea sandwich time or any sort of event where you might need 30+ two or three-bite biscuits.

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Cheesy biscuits

This is an addictively cheesy recipe similar to the biscuit style you might get at Red Lobster. The recipe is not intended to be a copycat, but the flavors are similar.

40 minutes
Super savory cheddar cheese biscuits

These savory biscuits are great on their own and even better with chicken or pork for a breakfast sandwich.

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This version of a cheesy biscuit adds a nacho cheese seasoning to give each biscuit a bit more spice and extra cheesiness.

40 minutes
Nacho cheese cheddar biscuits

These nacho cheese flavored biscuits are cheesy and slightly addictive. They're perfect for your next savory breakfast sandwich.

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Flavored biscuits

I’ve made these blueberry biscuits several times for gatherings and they’re always a big hit. They’re great additions to a family breakfast during holidays.

35 minutes
Blueberry biscuits

This is an attempt at a copycat recipe for Bojangle's Bo-berry biscuit. If you like sweet and savory combinations in your food, you might enjoy this with a fried pork sausage patty or slice of ham.

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This is a more recent biscuit recipe addition and it requires lemon zest and ground black pepper to zing up my normal buttermilk biscuit recipe. The lemon zest cuts through all the richness from the butter very nicely.

40 minutes
Lemon pepper buttermilk biscuits

Lemon zest brings a lot of brightness to a rich buttermilk biscuit and the addition of ground black pepper adds a bite that will complement the sausage, bacon, or even a fried pork chop additions to a sandwich.

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Want a unique biscuit with a bit of added spice? These gochujang biscuits aren’t super spicy because there is a ton of butter balancing things out, but they bring a fun flavor addition to an already good biscuit.

40 minutes
Gochujang buttermilk biscuits

The addition of gochujang adds a kick of heat to a buttery, layered, flaky biscuit recipe for a bit of extra excitement in your next breakfast sandwich. Gochujang is added near the end of the folding process to incorporate it into a marbled appearance throughout the biscuits.

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This recipe removes the buttermilk and replaces it with sour cream and adds a lot of green onion which contributes flavor and interest to the biscuit. This a more subtle flavored biscuit that really shines on the side of some scrambled eggs or grits.

40 minutes
Sour cream and onion biscuits

A little bit of green onion changes a plain biscuit into something a little more fancy.

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Biscuit tools

Here are the tools that I use to make all of these biscuit recipes. I’m not linking the prices here because they change, but they are all fairly inexpensive. Note: these are Amazon affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase using one of my links I will get benefits.

Biscuit tips

  1. Don’t want to keep buttermilk in your fridge? Larger grocery stores will sell “buttermilk powder” which is a shelf-stable product that contains dehydrated buttermilk. You can bring it back to life with water and it works well in all of the recipes above that call for buttermilk.
  2. Always keep at least one stick of butter in your freezer. This helps not only with biscuits but if you run out of butter for other reasons, you will have frozen backup that you can put to use elsewhere.
  3. Frozen butter works great in a biscuit recipe because you want the butter to be cold and firm when the biscuit goes into the oven. Hard and cold butter will take longer to melt during baking which will give the biscuits lift and the steam created from the butter melting process will keep the biscuits light.
  4. If you’re cutting your biscuits into circles DO NOT twist your biscuit cutter. After working hard to fold your dough multiple times, twisting the cutter will also twist the layers of your uncooked biscuits together, leaving you with a biscuit that won’t rise as well.
  5. Bake your biscuits close together. When you put cut biscuits onto your baking sheet and the biscuits are touching, they will create more steam and if they are touching they will help each other rise.
  6. Baste your biscuits with melted butter when they come out. I also do this with some of the sandwich rolls I bake. I like the way the finished product looks, but it also makes the top softer and much more flavorful.

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