My name is Jonathan Surratt. I’m not a chef or a writer, I’m just a guy who thinks way too much about every component of sandwiches. I do my best to recreate recipes and share techniques that I’ve learned in the hopes that people reading can achieve similar results.

I like food. I make a lot of sandwiches and this website is my journey through the world of meat, cheese and bread one sandwich at a time.

My goal is: three or four times a month I will write a blog post documenting what I’ve been working on that week.

If you need to contact me: boundedbybuns@gmail.com.

Feel free to follow me or reach out to me on twitter. I’m on instagram too. I also set up a facebook page for the site.

Bounded by Buns

Definition of bounded
from Merriam-Webster

having a mathematical bound or bounds
a set bounded above by 25 and bounded below by −10

Example: This meatloaf sandwich is bounded by a toasted bottom and top bun.

How this website is built

I’m a full stack web developer.

The blog part of this site is running on WordPress. Not wordpress.com, but the one that you can download and install on your own server. Six or seven years ago I built a custom recipe management system for my Mom’s cookbook. I dusted off the code for that project, updated it to meet current online recipe schema markup, and put it to work, adding my own custom WordPress plugins that integrated it into posts the way I wanted.

Because of my development history and knowledge capabilities, I figured it was better to build something like this to fit my needs than find something that someone else built that might or might not fit the bill. I wanted the best platform to display my sandwich posts and recipe content in the simplest way possible for everyone to enjoy and use. Hopefully, this setup works.