2022 year-in-sandwich-review

I made more sandwiches in 2022 than any year before. Let’s recap.

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BREAKING: I made a whole bunch of sandwiches in 2022. I wrote 55 posts throughout the year about various items between buns or bread. To recap the year in sandwiches, I’ve selected a short list of some of my favorites with quick descriptions and comments about what I enjoyed most about each sandwich or sandwich components in its blog post.

Each sandwich is ordered by date and grouped by month below.

Click the titles or images to jump to the blog post. If you haven’t been a reader since the beginning of 2022 then maybe you missed a sandwich or two?

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Always say YES to au jus.

Ain’t no French sandwich

We started the year off right with one of the all-time classic hits; the French dip. With our own homemade French-style roll recipe, rare roasted beef and au jus, this was a good sandwich.

Cross-section of the Chicago hot dog sandwich.

Chicago hot dog sandwich

This sandwich got some folks excited. I took all the ingredients of a dragged-through-the-garden, Chicago hot dog, baked some special sized poppy seeded bread and turned it into a sandwich. I’ve been telling you a hot dog was a sandwich!

I did share my pretzel bun recipe in this blog post as well.

Build back better black bean burgers

This is a solid black bean burger recipe. It’s not my recipe though, it’s straight from the kitchen of J. Kenji López-Alt and it has become a favorite in our house. If you’re interested in trying veggie burgers, this is a great place to start.


Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals

Big game sandwiches

The idea: I planned to make a sandwich by combining foods from each of the towns of the two teams that made it into “the Big Football Game” that happens every year around the beginning of February. This only gave me about a week to plan things out. It was chaos in my kitchen that week. Maybe I’ll try it again this year?

Shout out to L&M Fine Foods for the inspiration for this bad boy.

Porchetta is NOT a small porch

This was a banger of a sandwich based on a menu item from a local deli/market here in Chicago. Pork belly porchetta on homemade ciabatta is a fantastic combo and sandwich. There’s also roasted garlic mayonnaise and fried capers tucked in those buns.

MARCH 2022

This cheesesteak has a high return on investment.

Cheesesteak, hold the steak.

This buffalo chicken cheesesteak is a super quick, hearty sandwich that blends a bit of spice with ooey gooey blue cheesy goodness.

This is a savory sandwich overflowing with textures and flavors.

Patty, not Paddy

First, I need to point out that this isn’t a traditional patty melt. It’s just my favorite way to make patty melts at my house. The special ssamjang sauce, really is special and you should try it on your next burger.

APRIL 2022

Is the Italian beef Chicago’s best sandwich?

I found the beef!

I live in Chicago, so I had to make Italian beefs for my sandwich blog. It would be illegal if I didn’t do it. This blog post released my own Chicago-style sub-roll recipe if you wanted to dig deep.

Fried meat and gravy? I’m in.

Steak fried chicken is not a thing

Is this the Texas state sandwich or the Oklahoma state sandwich? I fried a bunch of steaks and butter-toasted fresh Texas toast with the intention of finding out.

This sandwich checks all the boxes.

Crispy pork belly banh mi

Banh mi is fun to say and even more fun to eat. This post contains a great recipe for crispy pork belly that could be used in all sorts of sandwiches, not just banh mi.

MAY 2022

Arby’s needs to step up their game.

Who has the meat?

Me! It was me that had the meat, but I ate it during the process of replicating beef and cheddar sandwiches. I bought a deli meat slicer for this one and shared a sauce that contains no horses at all.

You can Nashville hot almost anything!

That’s a SPICY pork chop!

Combining a Nashville hot sandwich with a breaded pork tenderloin was the inspiration for this blog post. I also came up with a recipe for pickle-infused buns that I shared.

JUNE 2022

The fried chicken sandwich is at the top of my favorite sandwiches of all-time list.

Ten steps to great fried chicken sandwiches

I have made and eaten a lot of fried chicken sandwiches. This sandwich post attempts to compile as many tips as I could come up with to help elevate your fried chicken sandwich game.

“The ceiling is the roof!” – Michael Jordan

JULY 2022

A vegetarian sandwich from Chicago!?

Chicago’s vegetable club

Who would have thought that a fried chicken and fish joint would have such a fantastic veggie sandwich? I attempted to copycat the Parson’s veggie club with pickled beets, herby cream cheese and a pumpernickel loaf.

This was a tasty experiment.

Pesto changeo chicken cruncho

In the middle of July, I made this fantastic chicken pesto sandwich and concocted a plan as to whether you should buy the ingredients or make them from scratch. I also shared my recipe for Dutch crunch sandwich rolls.


2022 is the year I ate my first-ever chicken salad sandwich.

Chicken salad for the haters

For a few different reasons, I have never liked chicken salad, but this recipe is mayo-less which makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable for me. I also tackled homemade croissants for the first time.

🎵 Five. Five. Five-dollar footlong! 🎵 – this post isn’t about footlongs, I just wanted to inject that little ditty into your brain.

Meatball subs for Sandwich Artists

I have some nostalgic feelings for the Subway meatball sub so I made a more flavorful one and shared recipes for the sauce, meatballs, and bread so you can make one yourself.

A sandwich that doesn’t need to exist, but I made it anyway.

Hello, buffalo chicken Big Mac!

McDonald’s released fried chicken-based Big Macs this year, and I one-upped them with a buffalo sauce version with pickled celery and blue cheese. I shared a recipe for the regular one too.


Get it!? It’s MY roast pork.

Jon’s roast pork

This sandwich was inspired by Philly’s other cheesesteak, the roast pork sandwich. If you’re a real sandwich aficionado, you probably already knew that. I also used inspiration from a Chicago sandwich joint known as JT’s Genuine Sandwich Shop.

One of the most requested sandwiches on this blog. Took me a year and a half to get to it, but I did.

Reuben on my rye

You can’t have a sandwich blog without covering the Reuben sandwich. It’s against the law and the police will get ya.

Toasted breakfast sandwiches have a special place in my heart, possibly literally.

Slamwiches and grandwiches

I made a couple of different versions of omelet-based sandwiches that were inspired by Denny’s Grand Slamwich. One was meat-focused and the other was veggie-focused.


Want a fancy way to say fried pork sandwich on white bread?

Tonkatsu sando on shokupan

This sandwich was a bit more technical than some others, but when you get the components correct, it’s a fantastic experience.

Fried chicken biscuits and seasoned fries!

The best combo meal

This was one of the best weeks of the year! Not much more to say other than the fact that I recreated Bojangle’s cajun filet biscuit with a side of seasoned fries and sweet tea.

Don’t bother buying Bojangle’s fry seasoning online, the recipe I shared here is almost exactly the same.


A person on the internet dared me to do this.

The French toastwich

I was challenged on Twitter to recreate this Betty Crocker product from the mid-1970s. A French toastwich is browned and crumbled pork sausage and cheese stuffed inside French toast slices and it is good.

Loose meat or ground steak?

A burger but hold the patty

I wrote about loose meat sandwiches and ground steak sandwiches and then I created an updated version to suit a more refined palate.


A fan favorite from the 90s.

The OTHER San Francisco treat?

From the responses I got on social media, there are a ton of Frisco burger fans out there that were excited to read about this one. Some might say it’s just a burger, but it definitely made its mark on fast-food history.

Korean-style fire cheesesteaks were a big hit.

This cheesesteak is fire!

You likely remember this one since I just wrote about it last week. But it’s honestly one of the better sandwiches on this list. If you like spicy heat, it’s a fantastic ride.

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