The scariest sandwich

AKA: the Spooky Candy Corn Dog sandwich.

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? Happy Halloween! ?

You might want to look away. This sandwich gets scary. This was inspired by a conversation with my friends: Shana and Jim on twitter. Jim became an innocent bystander after Shana sent me her idea in a private message. It’s all her idea, blame her.


1) buy some candy corn

This part should be easy. Believe it or not, you do need actual money to buy these.

First buy some candy corn. The people running the cash register will judge you, but that’s ok.

2) separate the orange from the white from the yellow

It’s difficult to get all the orange off of the white and the yellow. But I did my best.

Separate your colors. I found this to be easier with your fingers and not a knife.

3) melt your colors in the microwave

Note: these bowls were fun to clean up after the waxy stuff cooled off.

I melted each color for about 15 to 20 seconds in the microwave.

4) shape your melted colors into a log

CAUTION: this is very hot. If you forget that it’s very hot, it will stick to your fingers and burn you the whole time it’s stuck to your finger. How do I know this? I learned.

All the colors end up looking pretty orange unless you do a better job of separating the colors than I did.

5) stare at your multicolored candy corn log “dog”

multicolored = mostly orange

Shape your melted candy corn into a big carrot shape.

6) add your candy corn dog to a bun

I baked this bun fresh for this blog post and that tells you that I’ve lost it.

Put your candy corn dog into a fresh baked top split hot dog roll!

7) add condiments to your candy corn dog

Any condiment you’d like. I think some pickle relish would go great! Sadly, I was all out.

That’s real ketchup and mustard.

8) take a bite and enjoy!

Note: do this near the trashcan.

Some of it got in my mouth. ?

9) please don’t unsubscribe.

You’re the only friends I have.

Have a great Halloween! ?

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