2021 year-in-sandwich-review

2021 was great for sandwiches! I spent a little time organizing and writing about some of my favorites from the year.

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Hello! If you haven’t heard the news already, I made a lot of sandwiches in 2021. I’ve collected a little recap of some of my favorites with short descriptions or comments about what I enjoyed most about the sandwiches or sandwich components in each blog post. They’re in order of date, grouped by months.

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MARCH 2021

Smash burger with cheese, pickles and special sauce

Smashing good burgers

One of my first posts on the blog was showcasing the technique and some of the tools that I use for making smash burgers.

APRIL 2021

The McShortRib

I made the McShortRib

The short rib sandwich was one of my first copycat-type blog posts. It started out being about cooking short ribs. I wasn’t expecting to copycat the McRib, it just sort of came to me as I was working through some of the recipes.

There’s also a beer braised short rib recipe shared here that’s dang tasty.

Italian submarine sandwich cross section
Italian sub on homemade rolls with homemade giardiniera.

The Italian Job

I think I was just starting to get the hang of making sandwiches and writing about them during the making of this Italian sub blog post. I’ve made this giardiniera recipe multiple times since this post went live.

FYI: giardiniera is fantastic on pizza.

MAY 2021

Buffalo fried chicken sandwich
Fried buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese on homemade brioche

The boneless buffalo sandwich

I love buffalo chicken sandwiches. I might have to come up with some excuse to make this one and post about it again at some point. Maybe you will all forget!

This blog post also had a really beautiful batch of brioche rolls that I baked.

JUNE 2021

Sausage, egg and cheese on a homemade buttermilk biscuit

The King of breakfast sandwiches

This is easily my favorite breakfast sandwich (as the title suggests). I probably make a variant of this more often than any other sandwich on a regular basis.

If you don’t already bake your own biscuits, you should learn!

Pimento cheese on homemade sourdough sandwich loaf bread

Shredded cheese is grate

Pimento cheese! Nuff said.

Hot dog with chili, coleslaw and mustard on a homemade hot dog bun

Carolina on my dog

One of my favorite styles of hot dogs is also a stellar style for a cheeseburger. I love Carolina style dogs and burgers and this post is my attempt to share this love with others.

JULY 2021

Impossible cheeseburger on a homemade potato bun

Beyond the Impossible

I bought Beyond burger and Impossible meat alternatives and sampled them separately and I even created a big mac clone with one Beyond patty and one Impossible patty.

This post got a decent amount of interest due to the fact that a lot of folks seem to be curious but haven’t tried these alternatives yet. Check it out and read what I thought about these two plant-based meats.


Homemade bagel with sliced roast turkey, herby cream cheese, lettuce, red onion and sun dried tomato spread

Can’t quit the herb cold turkey

I haven’t eaten at a Bruegger’s Bagels in years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own version at home! I made bagels and learned how great sun-dried tomato spread is and how it should be a frequent visitor to your refrigerator.

Fried chicken thigh and spicy sauce on a tot waffle

You gonna eat your tots?

On a whim, I decided to turn frozen tater tots into waffles and then turned those tot waffles into the bread in several sandwiches.

This was a fun one.

Cuban sandwich with mojo pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, homemade pickles on a home baked Cuban roll

Two porks are better than one

Cuban sandwiches are fantastic, and the mojo pork recipe shared in this blog post is definitely a keeper.

The MSG pickles recipe is probably one of the most popular on the site.


Beef patty with green apple, brie cheese and chili crisp on a homemade potato bun

When in doubt, chili crisp out

If you’ve never heard of chili crisp, boy do I have a blog post you should read. Once you add chili crisp to your pantry/fridge arsenal, you’ll never go back.

In this post I share four or five ways to incorporate chili crisp into sandwiches and snacks.


Crispy fried chicken sandwich taco with pickled jalapenos and spicy chipotle sauce on a homemade flatbread

What in the Taco Bell is this!?

I attempted to recreate Taco Bell’s crispy chicken sandwich taco and it worked out well. If you have a craving for this (now removed) menu item, you can make it at home with my recipes and strategies.

The chipotle sauce recipe in this one is also a fridge staple that can be used on all sorts of sandwiches.

A burger with a big disk of fried cheese curd on top in a homemade potato bun

Curderburger for your thoughts

The Curderburger is fast food chain, Culver’s, April Fools joke come to life. There’s a huge patty of fried cheese curd on top of a butter burger and I made one myself. This has recipes and techniques you can use to make your own Curderburger at home.

An oven “fried” chicken thigh on a homemade buttermilk biscuit

One-pan fried* crispy chicken biscuit

I had a weird realization one day that chicken and biscuits could be cooked at the same time and temperature in the oven. Add crispy panko breadcrumbs to the mix and you can cook a biscuit and a crispy piece of chicken on one sheet pan with very little mess.

I’m proud of this blog post for the simplicity of getting a “fried” chicken biscuit on a plate quickly and easily.

Fried shrimp po’boy with lettuce, tomato and remoulade sauce on a homemade sub roll

Fried shrimp po’boy

I love fried shrimp. I love sandwiches. This is a recipe that I will be going back to again and again. Check it out if you like po’boys.


Turkey and bacon club sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese on homemade harvest grain bread

Make better Subs and Clubs

I got some good feedback on this turkey, bacon sub/club blog post. I shared a few different tricks and tips that I use to elevate my sandwiches and hopefully it helped readers make more interesting sandwiches.

Oven baked chopped pork seasoned with Eastern North Carolina barbecue sauce, topped with Eastern NC coleslaw on a homemade milk bread bun

Eastern North Carolina cheater chopped pork sandwiches

This IS NOT barbecue. I must state that because some people get really serious on the internet. But this is a great sandwich with flavors that remind me of Eastern NC barbecue.

The recipes are easy and tasty. Check it out.


Glazed ham and melted Swiss cheese on homemade challah, egg fried into a Monte Cristo with a tiny bit of powdered sugar on top

Count all these Monte Cristos

I just shared this one a couple of weeks ago, but I really had fun making and braiding the challah here. Hopefully someone besides me learned something about braiding dough.

In the making of this post, I made my first ever “left out the salt” mistake and regretted that thoroughly, but still ate the bread.

These are just a few of the sandwiches I wrote about in 2021. If you want to see a list of all the sandwiches I have made so far on this blog, check out the Master Sandwich list.

Even though some parts of 2021 obviously could have been better, many of the sandwiches I made were a high point. I hope you were able to find some bright spots in an otherwise tough year.

Check back next year (in just a few days) and I will attempt to write about a lot more sandwich experiences.

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